BORN IN AUSTRALIA, SAMANFAH GREW UP IN INDIA, JAPAN, MALAYSIA, BALI AND FINALLY MOVED TO LONDON IN 2010 TO COMPLETE A BA IN COSTUME DESIGN FOR THEATRE AND SCREEN FROM WIMBLEDON COLLEGE OF ART. at the age of 15 she was already making and designing her own clothes with the idea that all garments should be as unique and one-off as their wearers. 

after graduating with the award for best costume design for dance from wimbledon in 2015, samanfah has carried on to work alongside established designers creating and styling costumes for artists such as justin beiber, selena gomez, pharrell williams, ellie goulding, klangkarussel, vaults, mark knight, jason derulo and more.

now based in london, samanfah continues to work with styling and costumes for a diverse range of projects varying from film and television to theatre, still image styling, music and dance.